Friday, August 5, 2011

Time in a Bottle

I was first exposed to Jim Croce when I lived in San Diego. There is a restaurant there called Croce's that is run by his widow. I remember the food being quite good and the music being awesome, too.  Anyway, the subject of this post has nothing to do with Jim Croce, music or San Diego. It does, however, have to do with a time capsule, so I thought "Time in a Bottle" by Mr. Croce would be fitting background music. Hey, I try to make your reading experience as multi-dimensional as possible.

Now, on to the real topic. As I told you in an earlier post, I was a little disappointed that I didn't find anything fun in the walls when we tore them down. (Conversely, I was ecstatic that we didn't find any dead bodies, animals or other such disturbing paraphernalia.) I started thinking that even though this kitchen is going to be amazing, at some point (far, far in the future) someone (hopefully not me...) will want to update it. There is the possibility that in 60 years or so someone is going to rip into the walls we just spent the past few days wiring, insulating, and drywalling. I decided that before we sealed off the one interior wall, we'd leave a few little pieces of now.

 With my little note, the entire front section of our local newspaper was enclosed. I chose to use Wednesday's paper so the future remodelers could read about the financial chaos of our government. Also, the Pilot was running a 5 day series on the NATO hospital in Kandahar that, while naturally disturbing and graphic, is really well researched and written. I wanted that to be in the capsule as well. (Note: Before clicking on the link, I think you should know that the photos are graphic and the stories are powerful. I cried while reading each of the five parts. I sincerely hope that this series gets a Pulitzer nod. Check it out, but be prepared to be heartbroken, nauseated and upset.)

Beau suggested $5.00 for a coffee break, so I included that with sincere apologies if that wouldn't cover the cost of a cup of coffee. Along those lines, I also included this week's grocery insert so they can see how much food costs now. Lastly, since there were no movie listings to show what is out now, I included the next best thing: horoscopes. I labeled my sign and beau's.

Though I don't follow horoscope, we both had really fitting ones yesterday. His: "Your love life doesn’t have to be a roller coaster or even an elevator. Today proves that it can be a walk in the park – an even, predictable and lovely excursion." Even in the frustrating midst of renovating, our relationship is like a walk in the park. Or something. Mine:"Your aim is ambitious. That is what makes it so compelling to you and others. So don’t let the odds diminish you. This is possible. Someone will win at this, and it could be you." And, like Charlie Sheen (only better), this gal is winning. The kitchen has yet to get the best of me.)

I sealed all of those prizes in a Ziplock bag and stapled the bag to the interior wallboard. (Sorry for the glare. I didn't check to see if the photo was any good before putting the camera away.)

It is about eye level, so I hope that someday someone finds it. I certainly hope that it isn't unearthed for quite a long while. We have put so much hard work into this kitchen that the thought of someone tearing it all out makes me feel a little ill.

The good news? The majority of our work is done for now. I may paint before the cabinets go in on Monday, but other than that, we should get a few days off. We're going to play this afternoon. Hopefully that'll involve the boat! Yay.

Have you ever found a message from the past? What was it?

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  1. WHAT A COOL IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!


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