Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Big (Appliance) Reveal

Oh my, three posts today. Crazy.

This one is kind of exciting. (See title...!!!!)

Yesterday the dudes dropped off the appliances. I suppose they did more than "drop them off," But I didn't feel like we got the "expert installation" we paid extra for. They did, however, have to take the refrigerator completely apart to get it in the house, so I guess they earned some of that extra fee. Here's a shot I snapped of them dismantling the refrigerator. They didn't even see me. I'm like ninja-quick paparazzi.

After some grumbling, they did install the refrigerator and the wine cooler like the experts we paid them to be.

Oooh. Appliance envy. I know well how it feels. I've had it all my adult life. Anyway, the two charming experts left me with the following visions of "expert instillation."

This is my dryer. It won't be drying soon.
No cooking for you tonight, blondie.

From L to R: Dishwasher, Range, Microwave. All uninstalled.

On the positive side, I did get to move food into the refrigerator and wine, soda, and one lone beer into the cooler. There will be some cocktail posts coming up soon. Some of them will include this ingredient:

Apparently beau and his coworkers have had discussions about Lillet and so we're going to give it a try (or two, or three).

So, the big tasks were up to Tommy. Tommy is the plumber of all plumbers and he came by this morning and worked his magic. He had a pretty extensive to do list of his own. (Well, not his own, but that I created for him.)
  • hook up sink and garbage disposal
  • poke electrical up through floor for gas range display
  • hook up gas range
  • hook up dishwasher
  • run water for ice maker/water dispenser in fridge
  • poke electrical up through floor for washer and dryer
  • hook up washer and gas dryer
  • install microwave
By the end of the day he had accomplished all but the last three items. The stack kit for the washer and dryer were out of stock, so the delivery guys didn't leave it. I'll probably be heading to the laundromat this weekend. Big sigh. The microwave didn't happen because of some confusion between the contractor and yours truly. I ordered the wrong microwave because of some misinformation. Oops.

Despite those minor issues, Tommy worked all afternoon. He even worked through an earthquake. What dedication!

A side note about Tommy: Sometimes you have people come do work for you and you get that ehhhh feeling. Tommy, though, is a good guy. You can tell that through and through. He knows his stuff, he is competent and trustworthy and he's pretty personable.

That didn't stop me from doing some Google stalking. Google (in all its infinite, blasphemously God-like wisdom) confirmed my gut instinct. I found this news story that featured my plumber as a Good Samaritan. I almost wanted to hug him when he got here. Instead, I thought I'd give his business a plug on this here blog. If you live in the Hampton Roads area and need something plumbed, call Tommy, owner of AC Plumbing.  Phone: 757-802-0842. He doesn't have a website. He needs one. If I knew anything about web design, I'd offer to make him one just so you could check him out.

As a possible bonus, beau is vaguely reminded of Tommy Boy when he sees Tommy the plumber. (Not that he's a doofus, but in mannerisms, sweet demeanor, and laugh. His laugh is so awesomely Chris Farley.) If the Good Samaritan aspect doesn't make you want to hire him, having a mini version of Chris Farley on the job should.

Anyway, when he had plumbed and installed, the kitchen really started to look like a functioning kitchen. And more importantly, the kitchen started to function  like a functioning kitchen. Whoo hoo!

Here's some kitchen eye candy:

Yep, that's water. Running. In the kitchen. Glory be.

So you're wondering what I cooked, huh? It was amazing. Three posts in a day are plenty, though. My first meal in our functioning kitchen will have to wait until tomorrow.

Do you know any Good Samaritans? What's the biggest act of kindness you've witnessed?

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  1. Your kitchen is going to be amazing love the wine cooler!!!


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