Friday, August 12, 2011

A great day, a great date

The majority of the day yesterday was spent doing wonderfully summerish things with beau. I love days like that.

The morning started off on a sour note, though. We realized as the carpenter (who seems to have a nice gig working bankers' hours) was working on rehanging all of the upper cabinets two inches higher than standard because we got a super ginormous fridge, that we ordered the wrong range as well. Oops. We got a stand alone range that is 47 inches high in the back. Said range is not going to stand alone and will, in fact, back up to our raised counter top dining area. Forty-two inches is the space there. Double Oops. We didn't get to resolve that issue yesterday, but it sure did put someone in a bit of a bad mood. (Hint: Not me.)

I tried to cheer him up with one of my favorite movies, but that didn't do the trick. (Though I was pretty happy afterwards.) To beau's credit, he watched without complaint and even laughed at  the fun British humor.

As you can see, it was being marketed as "The Ultimate Romantic Comedy" and that is something beau usually avoids like the plague. Or at least pretends to when people are looking...

Even though The Ultimate Romantic Comedy didn't do the trick, things took a turn for the better when we took the boat out to our favorite little cove. After a little Quiznos picnic, I laid on the sun pad and read while beau did the boater's equivalent of kicking the tires and scratching in a most manly fashion when a family pulled up beside us and the dad swam over to ask all kinds of boat related questions. ("What kind of propulsion system you got there? Horse Power? Two Engines?") You know how sound carries over water? I think the whole city heard the man grunts. Even if Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister didn't turn his frown upside-down, I think new friend Clifford did. Thanks Clifford!

Here's the cove:

It is called "Party Cove" you can see why, right? Or not. On a Thursday afternoon things are a little quiet there. Just as we like it. See that blob at the left of the picture? That's beau treading water. He's chatting with Clifford who is on a big red raft.  I think that is funny since when I think of Clifford, I think of Clifford the Big Red Dog. No?

Anyway, here's our boat beached at the cove:

Beau wanted to jump off the rope swing. (Yes, he is 12, thanks for asking.) So he swam across the cove. I had already had a Jellyfish sighting, so I stayed in the yellow tube. He towed me across. I don't think I have ever felt so high-maintenance in my life. Now I know how Roman princesses once felt. (And I liked it. No surprises there!)

Because I traversed the water in a tube, my trusty camera stayed on board the boat. Beau did look a little like this, though. (found on Pinterest via this site)

Only he was jumping from a tree. And he wasn't that high. And his arms were flailing a bit more... Other that that, his experience was exactly that!

After all that fun, we took the boat in, gave it a good scrub down and engine flush, and thought about eating at the fancy marina restaurant. We didn't look quite fancy enough. In fact, we smelled. So, our dinner date ended up taking a much more casual tone.

This is after I styled the dogs to look more appetizing. It is hard to be beautiful after being wrapped in cellophane.

At this point in our kitchen makeover, eating out is getting a little bit old. Every meal. Every day. For 15 days. The hot dogs were a welcome change, actually. Where'd we go for such a romantic night, you ask?

Well, the temperatures have dropped from sweltering to just hot, there was a slight breeze and this establishment has some great picnic tables that were calling out to us.

Yep, it is called Dog-N-Burger and it is about as casual as you can get. The place has an old-timey feel, the employees were friendly and the food was pretty dang good. It was a first visit for both of us, so beau had to do what he does and get one of these:

A Dog-N-Burger tee. He likes his clothes to tell a story. (I'm happy if they match.) This story is about a day we chose to take from a bad day to a great day.

Oh, and to top off our great date--chocolatey truffled goodness a la Dairy Queen! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Beau got Mint Oreo, but I still love him.

All in all, it was a great day. Today, I have to straighten out the oven snafu, but hopefully it'll be an easy fix. Beau is going to frame windows and then, my friends, we are off on a mini vacation. Yippie!!! If all goes as planned, tomorrow's post will be super fun. Please cross your fingers for storm-free weather.

 When's the last time you had a perfect day/date? Was it as casual as this? Do you have a tee shirt buying addiction, too?

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