Sunday, August 21, 2011

Absolutely Floored

After my second coat of polyurethane last night, I thought for sure I'd wake up today to the most lovely floors I'd ever seen. They were lovely, but they had a texture to them that I didn't much like. They were rough instead of glassy like the other floors in the house.

With a not-so glad heart, I busted out the extra fine (220 grit) sand paper and gave the floors a once over. Then I scrubbed the room from top to bottom to get all of the dust and construction grime out, washed the floors with Mineral Spirits, and gave the floors a third (and final--bumps be darned) coat.

If you have never stained and finished floors, let me tell you what you are missing out on. In two words, sore knees. I know that some people wear knee pads. Not this gal. See, I'm tough. (And beau stashed them somewhere that defies my logic.) What else are you missing out on? Coming home to beautiful floors that were made beautiful and durable by your hands. Cheesy, I know, but so true. I got home from a visit with my parents (Laundry! Home cooked meal! Heavenly things that I so took for granted until about 3 weeks ago. ) and went to check to see if my handy work was dry. It was. I took my shoes off and felt the almost-as-smooth-as-the-other-floors finish on my bare toes. I looked at the glossy sheen and felt pretty good about myself.

And I know you are hoping to get a glimpse.

Fear not. The photos are coming up. But I thought first you should be reminded of how they looked a few short days ago.

And this evening they look like this:

Because it was after dark when I took the pictures, the floor is shadowy and don't photograph quite as bright as they look in real life. A closer looks shows the difference a bit, but like a vain lady, this room needs to be shot in better light. Here are a few detail shots:

Tomorrow's post should be super yummy. Why? I'm glad you asked. THE APPLIANCES ARE COMING! If all goes as it should, tomorrow I will have running water. An oven and cooktop. A refrigerator. Yeah, a kitchen!!!!

I'm hoping for a day of no hiccups. The kitchen will be so close to done. In fact, I think I should bust out that overwhelming to-do list to cross some tasks off. One of my favorite things to do to make me feel productive to to keep a to do list and cross things off as I finish. [Confession box: sometimes I put things on the list that I've already accomplished so I feel better.] 
  • Schedule instillation of appliances
  • Touch up neutral walls
  • Paint accent wall in undecided color
  • Caulk and paint crown molding**
  • Pick out/install tile backsplash
  • Finish floors
  • Install and paint window frames
  • Install wall plates
  • Install and paint base boards
  • Pick out and install pendant/peninsula light (All the ones I fall in love with hang too low! Gaah.)
  • Install inserts for the recessed lighting
  • Clean every crevice of this house
**Caulking was left off of my original list. The ceiling was wavy, so I had to run a line of caulk around to make it look lovely and perfect. Old houses are fun!

Obviously, I have still have some work to do. All in all, I'm pleased with what went down in five days. I ordered the light for the island, but it won't be in for another 2 weeks. I've got some options for the tile backsplash, but I'm not totally convinced that either of them is the perfect tile, and I can't pick an accent color until I've decided on the tile.

I'm considering tackling the baseboards this week. There isn't much to install and really there are only two angled cuts. I might be able to handle it. I'm gaining confidence in my home repair abilities.

That's all for now! Does anyone else add finished things to to do lists just to cross them off? Does anyone add super easy tasks like "wake up" or "shower" to  the list so you KNOW you'll have crossed something off by the end of the day? Just me? That's embarrassing!

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