Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Bunch of Hot Air

I promised an exciting post if you crossed your fingers for good weather.

Who didn't cross his/her fingers???

Here's how the weekend was supposed to go: Friday beau and I were going to take a nice leisurely drive to Asheville, North Carolina where we would spend the night, get up early and take a HOT AIR BALLOON ride. Whooooo! So much fun.

Here's how it really went: We got a late start Friday because of kitchen madness and got to Asheville at about midnight. We got up at 4 in the morning to meet the balloon pilots and our group. We all piled into two vans and went to a site (and by site I mean gas station) for the pilot to call the weather people. The weather jerks people gave us a thumbs down. Beau and I went back to the hotel and slept like normal people.

We tried this about a year ago and didn't get to fly because of bad weather. It was a wonderfully romantic gesture on the part of beau, and round two was going to be a little like reliving that first trip. Only, obviously, we were supposed to actually go up in the balloon to achieve that romantic moment this time.

Anyway, here's what should have happened:

The above image is taken directly from R.O. Franks Aviation website. And, as we did not fly with them (again), the following images are also stolen directly from their website. I had every intention of taking a gazillion photos for you. Don't worry, though. We have a credit with them and WILL go hot air ballooning at some point. Even if it kills us. Uh, forget that. Bad choice of words...

The beauty of those images makes me forget that I am deathly afraid of falling and don't function well without something solid under my feet. I want to get up there soon! Aren't the Blue Ridge mountains absolutely stunning? You can't even see the bears from that height.

Hopefully we'll be luckier than the two girls in our group who were there for their SIXTH attempt.
If we move to  Asheville it will simply be because purchasing a home there is more economical than weekend stays to try to balloon. Really, though, the town is a quaint place. Check it out. And while you're there, check out R.O. Franks Aviation. But if you get up on the first try, keep it to yourself, please.

Despite the ballooning setback, I do have some weekend adventures to write about. They'll have to wait until tomorrow. This gal is sleepy.

Anyone out there ever been up in a hot air balloon? Or had the weather ruined really exciting--and potentially romantic--plans?

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