Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Devil is in the Details

As I mentioned yesterday on my enormously long to-do list, I've still got to pick out tile for the backsplash, paint for the accent wall, and find a light fixture for over the bar. I thought I had that all done. Before the work even started, I had this HGTV-esque pile of elements that were beautifully matched. There was a fabric swatch for the curtains I will make (when I learn how), tile for the backsplash, photos of the perfect lighting feature, and paint chips. The one thing I did not have was an actual sample of the granite. It is, of course, the granite that will carry a color throughout. Or will, at least, provide the palate with which I cannot clash. When the granite went in, I immediately knew my little pile of goodies clashed. Big time. I'm back to the drawing board.

Will this project ever be finished????????????

Months ago, I fell in love with a light fixture. When I say love, I mean I'd go to Home Depot and take a trip down the lighting aisle to get a hit--yes a hit. Like crack. I'd pause there, gaze up, and imagine this fixture in our kitchen. "Alta Loma" is what she's called. Such a nice, kitcheny name. She's perfect, I'd think. I'd plan decorating features around her. My love was an obsessive, stalker love. Unhealthy. Beau, being the wonderfully trusting man he is, purchased the fixture. He didn't question my taste or give any utterance of disapproval. I think he saw the unnatural glow of lust in my eyes and knew that saying no was not an option. It was eventually Brad, the electrician, who sent me on a tailspin. It'll hang too low, he insisted. Beau agreed, hoping he was out of my earshot. He wasn't, but I knew they were right. I had feared it from the start.

I think my chin quivered a bit as I came to terms with the idea of returning Alta Loma.


Here she is.

Beautiful, right?

And now my wasted heart has to find lighting love again.

But that's not all. There was the tile. Also love at first sight.

I know, I know. I sound ridiculous. I fully recognize how silly I am being, too. I just hope that I can find the more-perfect tile and lighting soon. I really, really love the granite we picked out. I think I had just imagined the finished kitchen so many times that I am having a hard time giving up the idea of Aspen tile and Alta Loma lighting fixtures and seeing the new and improved final product. I'll come around when my wasted heart heals. I imagine it won't take long. It is, after all, tile and a light.

These details are the ones that will set the tone for the kitchen. To me, the lighting, the color and the tile are the details that set the space apart from other kitchens. I want to create the perfect kitchen for us, and these elements will do that. I think more than anything, I'm afraid of screwing up. My first choices seemed so easy. Everyone I showed oohed and aaahed.

Like I said, there are definitely perks to this mini-dilemma. Namely, I get to spend more time in kitchen design stores, lighting shops and online searching for tile and lighting. My imagination gets to run wild once again. I'll pour over images of dream kitchens and lust after tile and lighting.  In reality, I know I get to reinvent our kitchen atmosphere once again. I loved it the first time around, I'll love it the second time around. Essentially I need to ignore the self imposed pressure and just find what feels right.

When is the last time you had to face design disappointment? How'd you cope?

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