Friday, August 26, 2011

Neighborly Love

Have you seen her? She's incredibly huge. She's all that's been on our minds all day here. Once again, the image below is from my now favorite website, (Don't worry Pinterest, I'll be back to you soon.)

Do you see that? She's bigger than South Carolina. Bigger than a state. And I'm not even talking about those little states up north. Irene is probably bigger than four of them! She's no joke at all. Yesterday I mentioned that a mandatory evacuation order was in place for low- lying areas of my city. (That's meeeeee!) I also said I'd evaluate in the morning. I decided to stay, but I won't be staying at my house. I'll be spending the night tomorrow night at a higher lying friend's house. Well, the house is higher lying, which I guess makes them higher lying, too. Sorry for the bad grammar. I'm not sure how else to phrase it.  Even El Presidente encouraged us to leave in a press conference today. I'll heed his warning, but only sort of.

I don't want to be stranded far away from my house. I had many offers to stay and wait out the storm with various friends and family, but even my very good friend's house in the next town over seemed like it would be a million miles away if Irene causes the damage she intends to cause.

Image here.

But I've strayed away from my topic. Let me get back there. A few hours ago there was a knock at my door. It was a neighbor letting me know the caravan to the parking garage was leaving. After we left our cars there and hitched a ride back, we all did a house by house sweep. One neighbor is vacationing. We went into her house and moved items from her low garage to the higher house. We put plants and toys in the shed. Then we cleared porches and did yard sweeps throughout the neighborhood. We double checked yards and made sure everyone had somewhere to go and took note of those who will stay.

Now we are going to have pizza together. All of us. It is kind of a Friday thing.

Does that happen anywhere else? I mean, all of us are scared. All of us are worried about our own homes and our own belongings. But everyone has put selfish needs aside and worked as a team. I have bragged about my neighborhood before. It was in an entry that made beau want to barf because it was so "cheesy." And it was. Here it is. See? Super cheese.

But you know what? I meant it all, and I feel even more like I live in the perfect neighborhood after today's teamwork.

I'm lucky to have the support I have. This is what neighbors should be like. I know most are not. Today, I am especially lucky to have had the luck to wind up in a neighborhood like this.

This was the beach this morning. Deceptively beautiful, huh? Photo from Buzz Hayes here.

Do you have awesome neighbors? Do I live in the last friendly neighborhood?

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