Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling the Love

Most of us can agree that babies = love. That seems like a given.

What I didn't realize was a given was the love that is extended to an expectant mom. Everyone under the sun wants to know if I'm feeling OK, if I need help with that, if I need anything done for me, etc. The affection and concern shown to me over the past few months has been incredible.

My friends, family, and co-workers have already been so overwhelmingly helpful and generous, and I know that there is still more to come. Beau, this little guy, and I are truly blessed.

It would be obnoxious to lay out and photograph all of the physical gifts that our little peanut has already been given, but here's a sampling of the clothes, goodies and toys that have arrived on our doorstep and in my classroom because people we love are that excited for us.

The love and support that has been extended to us has been amazing and heartwarming. I'm not typically an emotional person (even with my hormones going haywire...) but this has me absolutely weepy.

Not that I would ever have favorites among the gifts we have been given, but I had to show you all this one. If you know beau and I personally, you know the significance of this little onesie. It goes beyond being simply "punny." A big thank you goes to beau's family in Massachusetts who included this in the valentines care package. The whole box was such a wonderfully thoughtful surprise, but this made me giggle.

I can't wait to see our little guy in this and all of the other super adorable little outfits he's been given.

Beyond all of the cuteness and generosity, what does this first time mommy absolutely, positively NEED? (We're getting ready to begin our registry and shopping madness and frankly, my head is spinning!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Movie Night

So, since I don't have cable and was feeling too lazy to leave the house this evening, I decided to watch a movie instead of watching the big game. I'm not good at watching movies. I tend to fall asleep. Twice I've fallen asleep to this particular movie.

I'm not very discerning about which movies I'll sleep through. I sleep through Academy Award winning films and Razzie award winning flicks. They're all the same to me when I'm tired.

Tonight, though I decided I'd really like to stay awake for this. In part because the first time I slept through this I was really bummed. I'd really wanted to see it. Also, every time the title comes up in conversation, beau insists that I've seen it. He forgets about my narcolepsy.

So, tonight, five months pregnant (and five months from my last glass of wine) I watched Bottle Shock.

It was very good. It also made me proud to be a California girl. A California girl who drinks California wines. (Um, but not exclusively. I actually will drink wine from anywhere. Did you know Virginia has some very good wineries?)

I must admit, Bottle Shock would have been better with a glass or two of wine, but I guess I'll just have to wait another five months for that pleasure.

Perhaps I'll have to watch it again when I can enjoy a glass.

(Images both from IMDB.)

My favorite quote from the film was this: "'Wine is sunlight, held together by water.' The poetic wisdom of the Italian physicist, philosopher, and stargazer, Galileo Galilei. It all begins with the soil, the vine, the grape. The smell of the vineyard - like inhaling birth. It awakens some ancestral, some primordial... anyway, some deeply imprinted, and probably subconscious place in my soul." - Steven Spurrier Bottle Shock

What's the last good movie you've seen? Anyone else out there get movie induced narcolepsy?