Monday, August 8, 2011

The laundress

With all of our kitchen madness we've managed to 1) make a really big mess and 2) get really dirty in the process. While both of those outcomes are to be expected, the latter becomes slightly problematic when the washer and dryer are taken out of commission.

If you recall from this post, our "laundry room" was awkwardly and problematically in the kitchen. It was, in fact, the first change our contractor insisted upon. (And is part of the reason I fell a little bit in love with him.)

Remember this?

Well, that wall currently looks like this:

And the washer is here:

Why yes, it has become out makeshift counter top, thank you for asking. Water crackers, Ding Dongs, chips. We are health nuts, aren't we? There were some Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish there as well, but it turns out that that particular food group is Wrecking Ball energy.

I know you are wondering about the phantom dryer. The one we kept locked behind the cabinet. It was old and ugly and has made its way to Habitat for Humanity. As did the water heater and the kitchen sink.  Because we are moving the "laundry room" to this location, we needed the matching dryer to stack the two.

As you can see, washing the myriad dirty clothes we have accumulated over the past nine days isn't going to happen there. Or in the threshold between the living room and the dining room, for that matter. When I put on my last pair of clean shorts yesterday I realized I would have to suck it up an go to the laundromat.

Armed with two weeks worth of clothes and not-quite-enough quarters, I ventured out to the local laundromat. Fortunately, Meagan pointed out the one that was closest to our house (and in a safe neighborhood) because I was convinced that I was going to launder in the ghetto. Meagan quite possibly saved my life.

Not only did this particular establishment have free wi-fi for my blog reading pleasure, but the owners have actually made an attempt at laundromat decor. This particular detail really tickled me and made me almost forget that 1) there was no air conditioning 2) I spent about $25 to wash clothes 3) I folded more clothes than I ever have in one day.

Wanna see?

I know. I don't get it either. Obviously the owners should hook up with John and Sherry from one of my favorite blogs. They just finished a laundry room renovation and posted about it today.

In their laundromat tutorial, Andy and Meagan also pointed out that the laundromat is close enough to the house that I could leave during the wash cycle. I expressed my fears of panty thieves and such. Guess what? When I was folding clothes the panty thieves made a serious attempt. Meagan saw my car when they were passing by and insisted Andy stop. They tried to scare me by hiding behind machines and making warrior cries, but I ain't skurred. Aside from offering their quirky humor to my time at the 'mat, Meagan also wanted to steal some panties. I guarded them with my life and they remained in my basket. Phew. Crisis averted.

Beau is outside with a chainsaw, so I suppose I should see what project he's started. (Because the kitchen isn't enough, apparently...)

Oh, and because I've had a few requests for progress, here is what the kitchen looked like this morning before I got my hands on a roller:

 And after a coat of Vanilla Brandy semi-gloss from Olympic :

We're making progress. Just don't look up.

The carpenter is laying out cabinets as I write. And Beau is cutting down trees. Hmmmmmm.

Anyone ever been accosted by a laundromat panty thief? Or am I just being a little paranoid? Do you have fish in your laundry room?

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