Saturday, August 27, 2011

Early Morning Update

Not much to report at this point. I woke up at about 4:00 to wind and rain. (Don't worry, I went back to sleep for a while. Four in the morning is uncivilized and this gal is totally civilized.) It isn't bad yet, but there are some reports of power outages already. I'm going to jump in the shower then head over to my "safe house."

I've got my traveling gear laid out, and I'm baking scones to bring over. Nothing fresh and tasty, these are from a bag. Don't judge.

Here's the street directly outside the house.

A few small branches have come down and the intersection is starting to flood. It always does in any decent storm. So far we've gotten just over an inch of rain. According to the news, we've got about nine more to come. (Gaaaah!) Plus the storm surge. (Double Gaaaah!)

I walked down to where the two sidewalks meet at the end of that picture to show you a little further down the street. Usually if you make a left at the next sidewalk, you're at the water. Today, you don't have to walk quite so far...

I sure do hope those people plan on moving their cars, like, soon. If not then they're gonna have an insurance claim to make tomorrow. I'm kind of wishing we had a kayak for Sunday.

The water is coming...Irene is coming...

Remember how I told you beau was out of town for work? I talked to him last night. He said the guys he works with are taking bets on what time the kitchen will be destroyed. Taking bets. Jerks. Hey, no Christmas cookies for you guys, k? I told beau that when the floors remain pristine he needs to collect the wager from them and tell them karma's gonna get them. And then buy me a present. A really really nice one. Taking bets. On my kitchen. Phsssssa.

Scones are ready. Time to shower, do some final steps around the house and then bust a move out of here.

So, what's the worst bet you've lost?????

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