Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let There Be Light(s)

I suppose you have noticed the lack of kitchen updates. I know I have. Sadly, there was very little to update since Irene came through and washed out all of the newly run power lines under the house. (No oven! No outlets! No dishwasher! Aaak!) The duct work for heat and AC was filled with water, too. So, as we waited on insurance people, estimates, and people to be available to get the job started, the kitchen project came to a sad, screeching halt.

While we still have no AC (thank you, Mother Nature for being good to us and pushing this cold front through!), we now have power to the kitchen. No thanks to our kitchen contractor's electrician who "promised" several visits that never came to fruition. Instead, beau crawled under the house and cleaned out boxes and their newly corroded wires (all of this with the power off, of course) and the power was up and running. (He's my new hero!)

Never did I think I would be so pleased to see a digital clock. Those four green numbers mean that now I can bake. In my kitchen. Oh. my. goodness.

While he was wearing his handyman hat, beau also hung the light above the peninsula. Perhaps you recall from this post that I fell in love with a light that was just going to hang way too low. We returned the light of my dreams and I started a long and difficult search for a replacement. Our low ceilings and bar height dining area created a bit of a problem. Nearly every hanging light was going to hang too low to be practical.

Finally I found a solution that I found to be acceptable. It isn't perfect. I think it is too high, but with the option of too high or too low, we opted for a fixture that was going to be high.

Here's what I found, and what beau so beautifully installed.

Nice, huh? I like how it is some kind of strange combination of industrial and warm. Maybe the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is what warms it up. (The flash makes it look silver in the second photo. Don't be fooled. It is ORB!) It isn't the  perfect fixture, but it is pretty great.

You know what is pretty perfect?

See the bar to the left of the lights? That, my friends, is lovely. Here's the whole thing.

There will be tile along the wall there, but we haven't found any that we love quite yet. We're still looking. Beau's travel schedule might put the tile project on hold for a little while.

All in all, things are shaping up here. It has been a slow and frustrating process. We were so close to done and then Irene came through to throw us off and slow things up a bit. Our laundry list of mini projects is still pretty lengthy, but things are happening. It is my sincerest hope that I will be able to show you some fantastic final photos relatively soon.

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  1. So adult! So all grown up! You almost look ready to throw a little dinner party in your new kitchen.


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