Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are You a Kate or a Pippa?

I get all kinds of very intelligent publications. (I have been accused of being a magazine whore. Which, to be frank, is not an insult to me.) Those uber intelligent publications often send me emails. OK, "often" is a mild understatement. I. get. them. every. frickin'. day. Times a thousand. Usually I just click on the little box to get a green check mark and then hit delete to remove them en masse.

Today, though, I got an email with the intriguing subject " Are You a Kate or a Pippa?" It took me to this site from InStyle. Yeah, I know, you didn't believe me when I said I subscribe to intelligent publications. Now you feel silly for doubting. It's OK. Just please don't underestimate me in the future. Note my profile photo to the right. That was candidly snapped when I was doing some encyclopedic reading at the public library in NYC. That's how I roll.

Anywhoo. Back to the question at hand. Am I a Kate or a Pippa?


I'm a frumpy English teacher who dreams of having 1/100th of the wardrobe either of them has. Maybe 1/1000th.

I don't wear hats. I would love to, but I've never had occasion to do such. At least not hats like these. I do own approximately two ball caps. I never wear them. I also have a floppy sun hat. I don't wear it either, though I like to think it is as charming as Kates.
(From here)

And my formal gowns are a little less, well, formal.

(From here.)

I do actually own a very nice wrap dress. But it looks NOTHING like this on me. (Though Kate is too skinny here; a problem I never have. I don't think that is as positive as I make it sound.)

(From here.)

It is pretty clear that I am neither of these lovely ladies. I'm flattered, InStyle, that you think I can be compared to them, but let's be real. I don't have designers lining up to make me anything. They do send me coupons every once in a while. That should count for something, right?

Would you rather be a Kate, a Pippa or a someone else?


  1. I think Pippa is a good name for a cat. Does that count? A sleek, graceful gray cat. Aw, I want one! Both ladies are lovely, but you are an Amy and that is nice too.

  2. I think we need to go to a hat-worthy event, my dear!

  3. Let's go to the races! Or a royal wedding. Either one would be fine!


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