Thursday, September 29, 2011


As a Southern California gal, I have a deep love for all things CA. My deepest love might just be for this place.

If you have ever been to Texas, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, or California, I hope that you felt the magnetic pull of the neon arrow. The menu is basic at best. If you are looking for selection, this little slice of heaven is not for you. If you like the gooey goodness of this, though, heaven awaits you.

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MMMMM. Yummy. All of a sudden I am feeling a little homesick. Imagine my shock, awe, and disappointment when I was reading my favorite magazine, Food & Wine,  and stumbled upon the following quote: "As a native Californian, I grew up loving the famous In-N-Out Double Double, but the Paradise Burger (oak-grilled with cheddar, onions and tomato) blows it away." Jesse Rodriguez, sommelier from San Diego had that to say about Paradise Cafe in Santa Barbara, California.

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How can this be? Did Food & Wine, a magazine I have always thought to be reputable, dare to blaspheme In-N-Out? Food & Wine  has never--let me repeat that--never lead me astray. The recipes have been divine. The restaurant reviews have been spot-on. The wine suggestions perfect. You see where my confusion lies, right? Years of consuming burgers, fries and shakes have told me one thing. Food & Wine has told me another.

Clearly there is only one remedy.

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Yep. Road trip. I need to sample the Paradise Burger. While I'm there, I'll have to stop here...

Has anyone had the Paradise Burger? Does anyone else feel that Food & Wine might not be the food experts they claim to be? C, can you make a short trip for me and do some recon?

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  1. Yes yes yes! A thousand times yes. U come, we go. Inwont do recon for you though. We need to experience it together!


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