Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School

Tomorrow is the first day of school. While I don't get nervous any more, I do get antsy and have quite a lot of first day anticipation. Will my kids be good? Will I get jerks? Will I manage to engage them? Will they learn? Will this be one of those years that flies by, or will I want to pull my hair out by the end of every day?

(Image from here via pinterest.)

I love what I do. I'm always excited about the possibilities that a new school year offers. I like the challenges and the successes. I love when kids who didn't think they would make it walk across the stage in June. Obviously, I also like my job because I am a greedy glory hound. Have you seen our salaries lately? I'm getting rich quick!!

Think back to your first days of school. Got any memories? Do you do anything cool to make the day memorable for your kids? Share, please!

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