Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Very Serious Self Reflection

I have a bad habit.

I put things off.

And every year I vow to do a better job. ("This year I'm really going to be as organized as possible so I can grade papers as soon as they come in. Oh, and I'm not leaving school until the entire next month is planned. Maybe I'll have a cleaning schedule so the house will always be spotless.")

Lies. Bald faced, blatant lies.

And then I always feel the sting of being behind and rushed. ALWAYS. (Totally, 100% my fault, I know. But exposing my faults in the hopes of reaching self-actualization here, people.)

Someone made me a cute graphic. It is a little bit like mom. OK, a lot like mom. It is doing that mom lecture-y thing. I just had to go to Pinterest to find it... (Or I could have called my ma. This is so much more visually appealing, though. Sorry ma.)

And sadly, all I can say is: I didn't start today. Soon enough I really will wish I had done so. Like clockwork. What is that about old dogs and new tricks?

So, procrastinators out there, join me in putting off today what can be graded, read, planned, cleaned, or organized for another day. And it might not be tomorrow...

(Image here via pinterest.)

What is one of your biggest faults? What do you do about it? (Is it reading blogs and not commenting? I can help you...just leave a little comment. And then I'll be a therapeutic blog. Super!)


  1. I am not a procrastinator. I get no joy from having things hanging over my head. I just want to finish and cross it off my list NOW. My Problem is more valuing efficiency and accomplishment over actually taking time to enjoy tasks. so thanks to your insight I shall stop and smell the roses a bit and live In the moment while I restock this bookshelf the baby has just emptied!

  2. MY god, this is so me. I procrastinate like crazy.

    Fickle Cattle

  3. so I have just figured out why you and I get along so well. I think Cyndi and I are distant relatives!! LOL. I hope I get to meet her someday!! Angela


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