Monday, September 19, 2011

Because I'm Awesome...

I stole the title from Dwight Schrute. Maybe you know him. Maybe you can relate to him like I can...

I was watching The Office on Netflix and this scene reminded me that I didn't brag about my latest increase.  See, I got a raise the other day. It was the first raise we've earned in three years. And opening my paycheck the other day was much like christmas morning.

Because I'm awesome, I earned one half of one percent. Yes, my freinds you read that correctly. Perhaps that would be easier to comprehend in Arabic numbers: .05%.

So what does that equate to? After taxes I saw $5.83 in my paycheck. As a tea drinker, I can maximize that and purchase two Trenta iced teas from Starbucks. Per check. That's four teas a month.

Again, to clarify, the raise is largely because I'm awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I know in this economy I should be stoked that I saw any raise at all. And to be fair, we are also going to get a 2.5% bonus, so I know that my school system is working hard for me. I know that there have been huge federal, state and even city cuts that have made giving students a quality education and giving teachers a cost of living raise each year impossible. Since we are in the business of education, kids should obviously come first.

I've got four iced teas in my immediate future...oh, and when it cools down a bit I can go for hot tea and probably eake three teas a paycheck out of that. Also, my kids get a pretty ok education.

Oh, and I get the knowledge that, Like Dwight, I'm awesome.

What makes you awesome, dear readers?

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  1. I'm on 2% furlough pay decrease for one more year, so you are clearly more awesome than me. Of course, being the committed professionals we are, we all kind of like the extra 4 days off. =)


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