Sunday, October 2, 2011

Loving Tulle

Yesterday I did a little shopping. Mostly I did some looking after I ran errands. (And I certainly didn't cave and buy the cutest pair of gray boots. Nope, beau, no new shoes here. No need to check the closet... But, for the record, if I had purchased these boots, I would have had $15 off, thus making them pretty affordable.)

(Diba shoe image from DSW)

As I was driving home from said shoe shopping errands, I decided to stop in a little shopping center I'd never explored in the historic part of town. I found this great little clothing store called Provisions.

I fell a little bit in love. (And found myself wishing that raise was a little bit bigger.) Provisions carries a brand called Tulle. Be still my heart. Here are two items I'm really digging.

(Images from Tulle.)

OK, actually three items, since the LBD under that fantastic plaid coat is adorable, too.

The entire line is lovely and I'm seriously considering a coat from Tulle. (Gahh, which one...there are so many choices...) I think my newest jacket is four years old. It is a ski jacket. The newest coat I own is at least six years old. I was told the other day that if you can wear a piece often enough to bring it down to costing a dollar a wear it is a good buy that need not be questioned. I'm pretty certain a wool coat will be worn frequently now that fall is officially here.

What are you doing this weekend, my dear readers? Hiding shoes from loved ones? Errands? Enjoying fall weather outdoors?

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