Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Destroyers

As I posted earlier this morning, we had a very destructive day. Here's a bullet list of what ensued:
  • Hammers went through double layers of plaster board all the way around the room. If you ever want a small room to feel big, just do manual labor on every square inch of the space. All of a sudden it feels huge.
  • No treasures (or dead bodies) in the walls, but a pipe from an old sink did break off the second I disturbed the wall board that was holding it up. It had rusted all the way through. Good thing the water was actually turned off when they sealed it up. 
  • Trip to the dump to empty the truck. Eeeeew. Perhaps one of the top five grossest things in my life. I was the only woman anywhere near the place. I think that makes me the girlfriend of the year. Or at least the day.
  • Trip to Lowe's to scope out appliances. This is going to be ex-pens-ive.
  • Stuck in Lowe's during massive thunder storm.
  • Took advantage of the pause to inhale sausages at Lowe's. Only the finest for us. I always wondered who dined at Lowe's. Now I know.
  • Run through downpour to truck. Soaked. The plaster in my hair turned to a nice helmet-like structure. I didn't figure that out until I showered.
  • Return home to finish the last bit of wall destruction.
  • Beau feverishly grinding the upper edge of plasterboard to keep the ceiling intact. (That metal strip connects the edge of the wall to the ceiling. Not good to just yank.
  • Sparks flying. From the grinder. Get your head out of the gutter.
  • Shop vac. Oops. It has a dust exhaust and needs to be outside. I was in a cloud of plaster fumes. Probably not healthy. Good thing for that fashionable mask.
  • Sweeping bits of plaster and dust. Forever.
Since all of that took place today, we are all set to have Jim take a look at what he's working with, insulate and start sealing the walls back up. We're making progress!!!

And by progress I mean that our house has no kitchen...

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