Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess What?????

Today was day one of operation kitchen renovation. Don't worry, I took lots of before pictures. While I won't be posting daily progress, I did want to say something about the start of our big project. We've got lots to do, so hopefully each day is super productive. (And we finish on schedule...)

Today the water heater went buh-bye and we are now the proud owners of a super green "on demand" water heater. There is no tank. It just kind of magically heats water as it passes by. Apparently it uses very little energy. So now the utility closet is blissfully empty and our washer and dryer will go in there soon.

Tomorrow's going to be a huge day as we are going to be taking out all of the cabinets and perhaps pull down walls. Our fear is that we'll find iffy electrical and insulation. We decided it is probably better to know about it and fix it than to hope for the best and see if the house burns down. I know, we are super responsible and if you are our insurance agent you should totally cut us a break since we are looking out for hidden dangers.

Anyway. I can't even imagine what kind of stuff we will find tomorrow. Gold? Diamonds? Mold? Water damage? The possibilities are endless, really.

I've got all kinds of mini projects planned in the mean time, so I should have plenty to chronicle while you are patiently awaiting those after pictures.

But just to whet your appetites, I may just post a photo or two tomorrow.

Have you done major renovations? How'd that go? Anyone have any advice for us? Should we be looking out for anything or going anywhere for cheap goodies?

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