Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blame me!!!

Lately there has been quite a bit of talk about obesity in America. Understandably the high rate of childhood obesity is getting lots o' attention. (One third of all children in America! What???). Locally, there is talk of holding PE teachers accountable for this astounding statistic. (Absurd, I say!)

Forbes magazine recently ran this linked commentary about "junk-food" being made the bad guy.

Well, not to make light of such a serious topic, but I think I maybe found part of the problem.

Today, right after posting this, I will be heading off to yearbook camp. Yes, that exists. And yes, it is as cool as it sounds, thank you for asking. My yearbook girls--heretofore referred to as "girls" or "yerds"-- will get three square meals at a college cafeteria. There will be healthy choices of fruits, veggies and a spectacular salad bar. When we get back to the dorms and take over the common area to plan next year's yearbook (or, as I like to say "let the magic happen") we they will need sustenance. They will need brain food. I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon making some of their favorite and oft requested treats.

In the making of these healthy snacks I used the following key ingredients:

3 cups of sugar
1+ pound of chocolate chips
1 bag of marshmallows
1/2 cup of peanut butter
2.5 pounds (pounds) of butter (Yep, real butter. Some of it was even salted)

As I lovingly prepared these treats, I realized something big. (Ha, pun not intended, but left there intentionally!)

I am part of the problem.


Puppy Chow, "Smores on Crack" (as my girls call them) and Chex Mix

Even with this knowledge, I will bring these treats to yearbook camp. My sweet yerds will probably eat every bite and will possibly lick the buttery goodness out of the bags. I will encourage this. Heck, I'll probably lead the way.

And then, being the fitness conscious individual I am, I will force encourage my girls to join me in the aerobic activity of shopping at the local mega-mall a brisk, lengthy walk. Hey, if I'm going to teach them bad habits, I might as well cover shopping, too.

Though I make light of this, I really do know that there is a serious problem here in America. Trust me, as an educator I see all shapes and sizes of kids. I'm often saddened and angered by what I see.  And while I think teaching them good eating habits is VERY important, I think that treats are very good for morale. And, frankly, if you were a teenage girl spending three of your summer days at a college campus planning the yearbook, you'd need all the morale boosters possible. Especially now that Facebook exists. I mean, come on, the status update: "Having fun at the beach" trumps "At yearbook camp, suckahs. You wish you could be me" any day. So, a treat or two will be fine. These beautiful young ladies will not become part of the epidemic over the course of three days. They will, however, want to come back to camp next year!

Suckahs :)

p.s. I averaged out the butter consumption per person. We'll each only inject 1/4 cup. Over three days that's totally burnable. Perhaps we might go to two malls. Like I said, I am an excellent role model and example on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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