Thursday, October 6, 2011

50 Years of being CRAZY About Tiffany's

Beau had a birthday this week. I would be remiss (and a bad person) if I put the following birthday wishes before him. So, happy birthday, beau. Stop being out of town when I want to shower you with gifts and affection...

Now, on to our regularly scheduled post-

This year my always-in-the-top-five-list-of-movies (referenced here) turns fifty. Don't worry, she looks great. Besides, age is just a silly number. Breakfast at Tiffany's turns 50 this year. How fun is that? I've already mentioned that I love it. Cyndi even commented about it. Never mind that she said it was a bit dull. She clearly has no idea what she's talking about. It did win two Academy Awards and was nominated for three others.

Perhaps she hasn't heard "Moon River" recently.

Or how about that kiss. Can you believe this kiss? In the rain. Through tears.

Now that's a kiss. The kiss might be 50 years old, but it would make me weak in the knees still today.

(Kiss found here.)

OK, OK, you're right, there are kisses in most movies. I'll give you that. Romantic comedies and kisses go together like peas and carrots. So predictable.

But what about the complete unpredictability of the rest of the movie? Mickey Rooney doing such an appallingly un-politically correct Mr. Yunioshi is shocking and silly (and acknowledged to be in poor taste). Aside from that, there is the party scene, and don't forget my favorite scene that I think would make for a really fun day. Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak spend the day alternating activities that the other had never done. The scene closes with the two stealing masks from a dime store.

(From here.)

Back in the day when Breakfast at Tiffany's was still a spring chicken, The New York Times reviewed it. They said this about it, "completely unbelievable but wholly captivating flight into fancy composed of unequal dollops of comedy, romance, poignancy, funny colloquialisms and Manhattan's swankiest East Side areas captured in the loveliest of colors." The film has become completely iconic. Even if everyone hasn't seen it, they can probably recognize this print when the pass it by when they peruse the aisles of Target. (And we all know that Target knows style.)

They probably even thought about purchasing it because they understand the cultural significance. In fact, the LBD that Audrey is wearing at the start of the film sold at Christie's for almost one million dollars. Yes. One. Million. Dollars.

While that might be out of most normal budgets, this version of the dress can be purchased at Etsy. The accessories will be a bit extra, but I think the total cost will still be slightly less than the Givenchy gown.

(From this Etsy shop.)

Happy birthday, Breakfast at Tiffany's. You look fantastic. You are fantastic.

Like anything fabulous, a book has been published. Who doesn't want a coffee table book with Audrey on the cover?

What is your favorite movie kiss?

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