Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New, Secret Book

** This was supposed to post Tuesday morning. So much for scheduling my posts in advance...

There is a book that came out today and I can't tell you about it yet because it is a late birthday present for my dear dear friend Cyndi. She also happens to be one of my loyal followers and only regular commenter, so I can't disclose information until I know her copy is in her hands. (Come on USPS, do your thing.)

I know this seems like a silly post to be writing now (you know, before I can actually say anything of substance about the book...), but I am so excited about it and can't quite contain myself. I'm so excited that I had to get myself a copy, too. (Big shocker there, huh?) I needed to be able to discuss it with Cyndi. My purchse of a copy was for purely intellectual reasons.

Cyndi and I share a Kindle account because we tend to have the exact same taste in books (except for the strange German book she ordered). This book, though, will be a real live book with pages. (Yes, in my mind books are living, breathing entities. Don't judge my choice of phrasing.)  It'll have a hard cover. It needs to be held, it's weight felt and the crack of the spine heard. Some books need to be opened and pages turned. Some books deserve to live on a book shelf and be pulled down from time to time to be revisited. It is kind of like having Facebook friends. Some of them are just there digitally and you interact with them infrequently in that Zuckerman created cyber-land. Some, though, you actually invite over for dinner and share physical space with.

This book has art. And poetry. And it is by my all time favorite writer. And I might have just given away too much information for my dear Cyndi. If I did, I hope she's excited for the mail. If she isn't, I hope she pretends to be.

So, later this week look for a review of sorts on a book. And you will want to buy it. And I will give you a direct link. This friend is one you should all invite to dinner.

Does anyone see the irony in my book label being "Kindleworthy" when I have just gone on about how this is the opposite of being a Kindle text?

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Who is your favorite author? Do you share my philosophy on books?

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  1. You just really are the best. I love that book. I am going to put up a special shelf for just that book. And I love our private Kindle book club. Although some of your books tend toward the totally depressing side! I am so glad I got the Kindle!


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