Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Local Honey

I'm a pretty healthy gal. Well, OK, let me clarify. I don't get sick all that often. Saying I'm healthy might imply that I eat well and exercise regularly and, well, that ain't true. So, I don't get sick all that often. In fact, I used to never get sick. Then I moved to Virginia. I discovered allergies for the first time ever. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but now twice a year, like clockwork, I get sick. My throat is sore, my nose drippy and, most exciting of all, I get a raspy deep voice that fades in and out and inexplicably squeaks from time to time.

Apparently everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) develops allergies when they move to Virginia. Lucky me, I moved to Virginia. And, even though I insisted I don't suffer from allergies, I do in Virginia.

(Sketch of someone who looks disturbingly like me from here.)

Whoo hoo. My friend Bree insists that the way to beat allergies is to consume local honey. Today when I stopped to talk to her at work she noticed my deep and sometimes squeaky voice and simply said "local honey" to me.

We've had the discussion before. "Amy, I swear, eat local honey and you won't get sick. Look at me. I have a spoon full every day."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I don't like honey."

"But you like that sinus headache, huh?"

Touche, friend, touche.

(image from Pinterest.)

As I always tell Bree, I don't like honey. I NEVER eat it. Ever. I don't sweeten my tea with it. I don't add it to anything that one adds honey to. Apparently I should, though. Discovery channel says this about local honey.

(Image from here via Pinterest.)

Another friend from work actually has hives at her home. Her husband is a beekeeper. She is the perfect source of local honey.

(Image from here via Pinterest.)

So my dear readers, I come to you for advice. What can I do to fool myself into thinking I like honey? Do you have any sneaky ways to help me consume it without really tasting it? Are you guys dealing with allergies?


  1. Just do it. It isn't mayo, right? I'd choose local honey over local 'why does it have the same ingredients as ranch dressing yet taste so foul' mayo. Anything to make you feel better!

  2. I used to hate it. Now I love it. Put it in your Tea!


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