Friday, August 17, 2012

Just a Little Window Dressing

OK, so since I've been home so much I've 1) been looking at the decor of my house with a VERY critical eye, and 2) spent way too much time online. Not a good combination.

I've decided our living room needs some love. I hope to be able to revamp the area over the course of the next few months. I really need to think the whole thing through, but these curtains from Urban Outfitters have totally caught my eye.

(Curtains found here.)

Could this be the color palate for my new room? Could be? I'll have to convince Beau that this NEEDS to happen. Mucho eye batting will need to happen.

I love the greens, the gray, the patterns. I love that our otherwise boring room could, perhaps, get a little  personality.

I'm just not sure they would work with the art in the room... Geesh. Wrench in the works. Do I chuck the art? Move it? Start fresh? Rethink the curtains?

I just wish I had an eye for this type of stuff. You know how there are people who see things, buy them and all of a sudden they have a room that is magnificent and magazine worthy? Yeah, I'm not that kind of person. I so wish I could be. Instead I'm that person's polar opposite.

I'm really going to have to work this room redesign though (and keep cognizant of the fact that we have a baby white couches for me!). I hope you'll hang out with me through the process. And seriously, if I'm loving things that just don't work together, let me know. Please! I'm OK with comments that read: "WTF, Amy? No, no, no. Pink walls will NOT go with those curtains. And the Rhino head mounted on the wall needs to go even if his "gray tones match the curtains." You really weren't kidding when you mentioned you are clueless. Consider hiring someone."

(Floating heads from here.)

I'll only cry a little. (I love that Rhino*...)

*I do not actually love the stuffed head. Stop judging. If you want one, click on the link from whence the photo came. You might rethink it. One man's living decor is another man's poached and stolen wild animal, I guess.

What room needs love chez vows? Are severed heads a design option for you?

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