Monday, August 13, 2012

Sand Bucket List

I've actually been thinking about bucket lists quite a bit lately. I've got a post rattling around in my head about them. (Oooh, something to be on the lookout for! Exciting. Suspenseful!)

And then I came across this today.

(Image from Amazon. You want a copy too, I bet. Here's a link to save you the trouble...)

The clever subtitle says it all: "366 things to do with your kids before they grow up." I'm a realist, I know Little Man will be heading off to college and the real world before I know it.

I really want this book.

And then, after I read it, I want to make a family Sand Bucket list with Beau. Items I'd include: take a Disney cruise, camp, do something tangibly memorable (does that make sense??) each first day of school, have a garden, etc. I know Beau would like to sail the Mediterranean as a family, so that would go on there, too. (Hard to say no to that!)

What would be on your family Sand Bucket List?

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