Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby Must-Haves Part Deux

In my last post I discussed the super sweet swaddler that makes our bedtime routine easy-peasy. As awesome as the swaddler is, it isn't the only thing we use to make bedy-bye time so effortless. Next up is an item we didn't register for.

Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby

This little puppy was a very welcome gift. Right now Little Man sleeps in his Pack N Play right next to my bed. The first night we brought him home he fought sleep a little bit. Beau and I decided that the fight was because the nursery was always bright and a little noisy. (He spent the first three nights of his life in the nursery on an IV.) Neither Beau nor myself were quite willing to give up the few hours of sleep we had in our future because Little Man needed lights blazing. Call me selfish, but I just wasn't going to allow him to get used to lights being on if he was going to be sleeping in our room.

I remembered that I had set up the Sound Spa in the nursery, so I relocated it to the nightstand. The light, which is a little projection light that projects moving images up on the ceiling, was just bright enough to give Little Man comfort. (And it is just bright enough for me to see Little Man sleeping when I wake up in a cold sweat worrying that he might not be breathing... yes, I still do this almost nightly.)

The Sound part of the Sound Spa plays six different sounds. I'm not really sure what they are because Brahms' Lullaby (I think that's what it is...) is all we need. Sure, it gets stuck in my head, but that's a small price to pay. It is also a little less creepy than the heartbeat that is one of the five other options.

There is a timer feature on the device, but I don't use it. As I said, the light is bright enough to be convenient for checking on Little Man, so I let it go all night. The down side to that is that the constant use has worn out some piece inside that moves the projection disk; the nightlight no longer projects a moving image, just a static one. There is a warranty on the product, but because it was a gift I don't have the receipt. I'll still try calling the company, but my hopes aren't up. Fortunately Little Man hasn't complained about being bored of the image, so we're fine for now.

While we're on the topic of technology...

Total Baby App

Yep, that's right, there's an app for that...

The Total Baby App keeps track of all kinds of useful baby related information. At $4.99, it is the most expensive app I've ever purchased (I'm cheap, what can I say...), but I use it DAILY and am so, so glad I got it. Here's a screenshot that shows some of the features.

To be perfectly honest, I don't use this app to its full capacity. However, I do use it for that second image, feedings. As mentioned here, breastfeeding is tough and one way to make sure I was doing it right (i.e. not too frequently or infrequently) was to use the feeding timer. This feature allows me to keep track of which breast was last used, how long Little Man has fed on each side, how long in total for the day, how long since the last feeding, etc. It also can graph feedings throughout the week, so I can see when Little Man is feeding most often and gage if we are getting on a schedule or not. (We are!)

This was very helpful when we were going to the pediatrician often for weight checks because I knew exactly how often and for how long Little Man was eating. (I originally wrote "feeding", but that made it sound like he is a vampire, and I don't like that idea. Lord knows I'm already terrified of when he gets teeth...) Anyway, with the press of a button, the app will email the information to whomever you want to share it with. (Hi, Mom! Here's the daily dirty diaper email! Love you.)

You can also track diaper changes, naps, baths, and make up your own option for whatever you might need to time. Like I said, I don't use it to its full capacity. It looks as if the last diaper change was 51 days and three hours ago. That's not quite accurate--and makes for really boring daily emails to mom.

Despite the fact that I don't actually use all of the features on this app, I definitely love it. The feeding feature is plenty to make it well worth the $4.99. If you want to see it is all its glory, click on the link above. There is a super informative video of all it can do.

When I was pregnant I thought I'd totally be able to remember things like diaper changes and feedings and the like. I mean, it's not rocket science. It turns out that sleep deprivation makes simple tasks like remembering right side or left side seem a lot like rocket science. Or neurosurgery. It's a toss-up.

Moving on to less technological swag, item number seven is pretty dang cool.

B.O.B Revolution Stroller SE

The stroller was something that Beau picked out. Because he is a runner, we knew that a jogging stroller was a must. (It must me noted for full disclosure that I do not jog. Unless rabid dogs are chasing me. Then, and only then, will I jog.) There are a number of jogging strollers out there and I had no idea where to start shopping for one.

We (he) decided on the B.O.B Revolution SE. Though it is a smidge on the bulky side (25 pounds!), it  is a pretty smooth ride for our son. We got the car seat adapter for the Chicco car seat we bought, and we were able to use the B.O.B. right away. He sleeps like a champ in it and he and I take many, many trips to the library, voyaging through the neighborhood, etc. (Again, just to be clear, this is done at a nice, leisurely pace, not a jog.)

(Image from

Because of the bulk of this stroller, it isn't our every day stroller. (I don't need a jogging stroller to go to the grocery store...) For now, while he's small enough to be in the car seat, we use the Chicco Snap and Go. I have little experience with judging strollers and the B.O.B. and the Snap and Go aren't in the same universe, let alone neighborhood, but I can tell you that the B.O.B. is smooth and seems like a much nicer ride for Little Man. I do kind of expect that, since it is slightly more expensive than the Snap and Go. ("Slightly" might just be an example of hyperbole. In case you didn't catch that.)

There is quite a market for strollers out there, and my neighborhood seems to have two front runners when it comes to joggers: B.O.B. and Phil and Ted (why do they both have man names???). In talking to experts (friends and family with multiple children), B.O.B. just seemed like a wise investment for us. I can't speak to the Phil and Ted crowd but I can say I think it is way cool to stash a second kid under the top kid. (Seriously, check out the Phil and Ted.) Since we only have one kiddo to worry about, we went with the B.O.B.  It is also easier to spell.

Three more products to go. What are you hoping to see on my list?

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