Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Final, Much Anticipated Installment of Baby Must Haves

Finally, I can finish this list...

You know, I'm acutely aware that if I wasn't so wordy I'd have listed the ten items and been done with it all. But, since they pay me by the word*, I've stretched it into three posts.

*I maybe made "them" up. "They" certainly don't pay me. It would be pretty awesome if they did. If you know them, drop a hint already, OK?

But I digress...

Rompers and Kimonos

Obviously you are going to have to clothe your baby. Take a walk through Baby Gap (or any other baby store/department) and be prepared to squeak out sounds that are only vaguely human. For example, my dear friend Angela and I went to Baby Gap the other day and saw this cuteness.


Angela really did squeak when she saw the skirt with the tights. Understandably. They are super cute. I couldn't help being thankful, though, that Little Man is a boy. I don't want to deal with tights and bows and such for myself,  let alone a squirmy little one.

The squirmy-ness is what brings me to my point: Rompers and Kimonos are the bomb diggety.

(Rompers from

(Kimonos from H&M)

These outfits are easy on, easy off. That's important when you are changing ten bazillion diapers a day. Also, most babies aren't in love with shirts being pulled over their heads, so these types of outfits make changes much more pleasant for all parties involved.

Obviously, at times Little Man just wants to wear his plus and plaid shorts, but when he wants no fuss, our go-tos are rompers and kimonos.

Gripe Water 

It has a cute name and seems to totally work in soothing a baby who has an upset stomach. Little Man has reflux, and while he's now on medication, the Gripe water helped suppress the acid for a little bit before being diagnosed. It also helps with gas and hiccups, two VERY common ailments for babies (Or is it just my baby??)

(Image from Amazon, though I purchased this product from Walgreen's.)

This particular product is natural and organic. It is made with ginger, fennel and chamomile. Apparently it is tasty, since Little Man seemed to look forward to getting a dose! General fussiness is normal for a baby, but if it gets a little out of control, Gripe Water should make it all a little more manageable.

Cloth Diapers

I made the decision to use cloth diapers on Little Man. I'll post more on that particular decision in the next few weeks, but I wanted to preface that post with my enthusiastic thumbs up for cloth diapers in general. I'm still trying out different covers, diapers, methods, soaps, and such, so I'm no expert. I'm working on gaining enough knowledge and experience to share with you.

During our extended time in the hospital we discovered that Little Man has sensitive skin. It really came as no surprise since I also have sensitive skin. I'd already decided on cloth diapers, but when I saw that angry red diaper rash on his brand spanking new skin, I knew that I'd made the right decision. And guess what? As soon as he'd been in the cloth for a day the redness was gone!

I'll probably devote a couple of posts to my diapers of choice and my process since most people looked at me like I'd sprouted a second head when I mentioned I was going to go cloth. Most people told me it would be way too difficult and way too much work. It turns out it is pretty manageable and something I actually enjoy doing.

I know it isn't for everyone. You know, people with jobs and dozens of kids. Or lives. maybe they just have lives.  However, for me, for now, it is definitely something I'm really proud of. The monitory savings are incredible, Little Man is happy and healthy, and I feel like in my own little way I'm making the world a better, less polluted place for him.

So what have you done lately that made people assume you'd lost your marbles?

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