Friday, October 5, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I've mentioned my bucket list before, but haven't really gone into detail about it. I'm not going to do that here either. However, I will tell you that I crossed something off of it today.

Don't I look happy about it??

Once again, I apologize for the quality of my photos. I totally should get a new camera for Christmas. (Ahem, Beau, that's a hint. There might be a camera on my Amazon wish list if you're curious. ) A new camera will not, however, reduce my awkwardness in photos.

Anyway, so, yeah. One day I wrote a list of 50 things that I want to do in my life. Some things, like "laugh daily" (#33) and "read more often" (#29) are hard to actually cross off the list as they are continuous. Others, like "cage dive off the coast of South Africa" (#25) and "travel to Greece" (#28) are not really attainable at this stage in my life. You know, with an infant. I'm hoping for a long life. And a kid who gets a full ride to college so we can blow his college savings traveling to cross a ton of places off my list. Here's hoping. No pressure, kiddo. (But really, you should start studying now...)

Said kiddo was, by the way, on my list. Not him per se, but "become a mom" (#8). Chickety-check!

Look at me. Still not getting to the point of today's success..

 #47 totally happened today.

#47- Grow my hair and donate it.



And my happy before (again):
I have the best hair stylist (Brittany!) who, when I had short, stylish hair, used to love it when I came in and let her do whatever with my hair. I'd just sit down and say "Have fun"--with the one caveat that bangs were a no-no. She's like a hair wizard. Seriously, she's the Hermione Granger of hair. (Even Hermione can't handle humidity, right? My hair totally got flat in the time it took me to get home from the salon.)
I got really boring when I started to grow it out. It was slow and Brittany didn't get to have much fun. Then the prenatal vitamins made my hair go crazy (yay folic acid!). I swear it grew over eight inches in the last five months of my pregnancy. I knew it was long enough, but wasn't sure when I'd make the cut.
Then, the perfect storm hit: tiny infant hands+ post pregnancy shedding= the perfect time to give some love to Locks of Love.
Unfortunately, I was so excited to feel the breeze on my neck that I forgot to photograph the foot-long ponytail Brittany cut off to send in. Picture a long clump of hair tied in a ponytail on a counter top.
Yeah, maybe it's OK I didn't get a shot for posterity. (But that gross idea of a string of hair on a counter will turn into a soft blonde wig for a kid with cancer and that, my friends, is way awesome.)
Oh, and in case you're wondering, what's left is long enough that I can clip the top up and out of my face!
Yes, you're right, that is simply a reason to post a picture of the cutest baby on the planet.

As of today I've crossed twelve items off of my list. I'm 24% done! Fun! Maybe I should go buy a pair of Loubies to cross that off (#45). [Don't judge me. I can have one or two really shallow items if I have benevolent ones like platelet donation (#36), volunteer work at a children's hospital (#13)  and foster parenting(#37).]
Though not planned and kind of coincidental, I'm really glad I donated this month when cancer awareness is heightened. Everyone seems to be thinking pink, so why not do something positive to help someone out there?
What about you, have you donated your hair before? Ever tell your stylist to "have fun"?
p.s. Yes, mom, I know my hair is getting dark. I didn't get to go out in the sun much this summer, OK? It looks positively brunette from the back. I'm not happy about that. I'm a blonde and--fingers crossed-- I will return to my natural state eventually.

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