Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Sandy

Dear Sandy,

Your name makes me want to sing "Sand---y, Sandy baaay-be". But in all honesty, I don't like you. You scare me a little. You've been dubbed "Frankenstorm" and the news outlets have discussed the conditions being perfect for a "perfect storm" situation. I saw that movie and it didn't end well.

We're tracking you.

Ok, yes, that isn't The Weather Channel, it's the stock market. The boys are tracking that, too. Little Man is giving dad advice and it seemed too cute to not include. But I assure you, we're watching you just as closely, Sandy.

We're on alert.

Anyway, I'm usually quite hospitable, but not this week. Find somewhere else to play. See, we flood. (Don't believe me? Here's proof.) This week our neighborhood is having our annual neighborhood Halloween party on our yard and it won't be as fun if it is soggy. Little Man is going to be a lion. A LION. Yes, Sandy, that's going to be amazingly cute. Please let that happen. More importantly, I don't like the idea of  the creepy crawl space being flooded and all of our ductwork being replaced. Again.

(Photos quite obviously stolen from The Weather Channel)

I'm not asking you to hit higher up the coast. That would be mean. We have family from D.C. to Cape Cod, so I'm thinking maybe you could just veer right. Consider it. We'll call you baby and sing you a song...

Thanks for your consideration.

P.S. if you decide to visit, during a full moon, and rendezvous with that arctic blast, then we're ready. I've got cookies, candy corn, and an abundance of wine. No, that's not an invitation, just notice that we are prepped and ready.


  1. I'm on my way. I'm in the mood for Grease now, so maybe we can watch that while we are aware/alert. I found that graphic funny!

    1. Ah, Rizzo. Do come. Today. Be alert with us!! I'm not sure how we are friends, but I still have yet to see Grease from start to finish. How did we live together for four years and I managed to not see it in its entirety once? A miracle.


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