Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'll Drink to That

While I was poking around the Internet (thank you, StumbleUpon) I found this little gem of a site.

Its one function is to select a beverage based on the music you are listening to. For example, if you are listening to The Offspring, you should be drinking PBR with an olive (presumably the 40 ounce version). Mozart, a bottle of red wine, garnished with a cherry. Florence and the Machine also calls for red wine, but with a pineapple garnish. Obviously.

Is garnishing beer and wine a thing? I mean I almost understand garnishing Madonna's vodka with pickled carrot sticks (?), but why is Michael Buble's Merlot free of adornment, yet Frank Sinatra's needs a maraschino cherry?

I guess I have a thing or two to learn. Or three: look up Bob Marley. Is that for real?? I'll keep looking for my soundtrack for champagne and strawberries.

(Photo taken by Velo Steve and found on Flickr.)

Do you pair music with drinks? Do you know where to find pickled carrots? Ever sip Merlot with fruit?


  1. I guess it's a good thing I don't care for Bob Marley's music, as I could never drink &/or smoke what's suggested...LOL While I have never paired my beverage with music, my assumption would be that beer and wine go with anything! I do sometimes choose my drink based on what's for dinner, but I think that's fairly normal!

    1. I do the same, but I'm of the mindset that red wine goes with nearly everything, so that's my default choice. (As you well know...)


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