Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One of those days

Our house is pretty little. Not tiny, but compact. I like it. There's not that much to clean.

My biggest gripe about the house is that it has one bathroom. Who in their right mind builds that house? Remember when I wrote about it here? (Apparently I've had that little bathroom on my mind a lot lately.)

My second biggest gripe is that there is no closet space. But, since we have four bedrooms, I have just commandeered one as a closet.

That solves the closet problem.

Despite my griping, the bathroom problem isn't even really a problem yet. I mean, sharing a bathroom with one other person isn't bad. Little Man is in diapers and I determine bath time, so he doesn't count.

But on days like today...

(Yeah, that kind of day.)

A second bathroom would be nice. Let's just say I didn't enjoy any beverages for quite a few hours. And I may have done the pee-pee dance.

Fortunately, the plumber came and fixed this mess that Beau made (since the problem was a little bigger than he initially thought--I'll spare you the details) and the toilet is right back where it belongs--on top of that patch of grime on the floor. Just kidding. I cleaned that up. While gagging. That's probably like 67 years of scum. Eeew.

I still have a few little details (faceplate, trashcan, cleaning brush and cabinet handles in Oil Rubbed Bronze) to finish up before the final bathroom reveal, but here's a shot of the new faucet and the little medicine cabinet we were waiting on.

The bad lighting is to keep you from seeing the little loo in all its glory until the reveal. Tricky, huh?

What is the one thing that could break in your life that would really make your day go downhill quickly?

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