Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Update- West Virginia

Not much is going on in West Virginia in terms of home improvement. March brought a ton of snow, which was awesome for the ski season, but not awesome for the outdoor construction we have planned.

While Beau and I were there last we did a tiny bit of work on the inside of the house. (And by "we" I suppose I really mean Beau, because when I think about it I didn't actually have any part in this aside from perhaps making suggestions and sweeping up after him.)

In this post I showed you some of the finer selling points of the house. This picture was included.

I know. You're jealous of the wall and probably wondering if I'll provide you with the number of the previous owner's decorator. Sorry, no can do. Oddly, this is not a trendy striped wall you'll find on Pinterest. Crazy it isn't there yet. You should pin it.

The wall makes me want to barf. The great thing about the stripes is that the two levels of paint make bumps that will need to be sanded instead of just primed. Cool. Because the house wasn't going to be enough work already.

We brought a sander, but didn't get around to sanding. Instead, I had Beau pull the runner up on the stairs so I could think about starting to sand them. Why, you ask? Well, the previous "decorator" painted them the darker shade of burgundy from the wall and I wanted to see if the gross runner being removed would make them less hideous or if I could stain them on top of the burgundy after a rough sand or something to avoid sanding them down completely.

Guess what?

Someone only painted as far as the runner covered.


Who does that?

I'm not sure I can sand enough of that pink/burgundy/mauve/ whatever off to make the stairs uniform enough to stain to a normal color.

That's got to be one of the laziest home "improvement" projects ever. See previous comment about this being more work than originally expected.

While Beau was pulling up carpet he decided to tackle the disgusting Berber in one of the bedrooms downstairs. Remember this room?

Can't you just smell those stains from where you're sitting? Ugh.

Well, here's Beau hard at work. (And yes, I was tempted to burn the clothes he was wearing after he was crawling all over the carpeting.)

Now we have three bedrooms with sub floor exposed. One more room to go.
So, while I don't have any actual progress to show you, I'm excited to say we are getting closer to being able to make some fun improvements that will make a big difference in the look of the house.
And by "make a difference in the look of the house" I mean we'll start to work on making it look inhabitable. You know, like, with floors and stuff. Odds are it won't happen in the near future because I have tons of other projects I'd like to tackle while the floors are yucky.
Painting the purple room something other than purple is one of those projects. Nothing says mountain cabin like a pale purple room. Am I right, or am I right?
Pop quiz: What would you do to make those stairs look like normal stairs? Beau says replace them. I think that sounds expensive.  


  1. There's got to be some sort of super primer that will cover the purple. Isn't there a gray primer that is supposed to cover a dark color so you can paint a light color over it? I have faith in the Home Depot. Go in there with Carter and you will get lots of help! :) Do you even have HD out there? Should you give up on a West Virginia cabin and try for a West Coast one?

    1. We do have a Depot here. I asked and she said "you should be able to sand it." I wasn't satisfied with that answer...


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