Sunday, March 3, 2013

Well, isn't that Pinteresting

I know, I know. It has been almost a month since I've written a word. What gives? Well, I'll spare you the myriad excuses, but I will tell you that in my absence I have managed to fry not one, but two perfectly good computers.

Well, OK, one perfectly good computer and one that was well on her way out. None the less, I fired her in a most untimely manner. Of course.

But, as we all know those two computers aren't the only ones on the planet. Heck, they aren't even the only two in our house. I'm currently writing this post on Beau's beloved Mac. It took me approximately twenty minutes to figure out how to turn on the power. I'm not even exaggerating. Thank God for iPhones and Google. It turns out that Steve Jobs had a sense of humor because he chose to put the power button on the back of the computer. The button is flush with the rest of the back and of the same material. On the back. You know, the side that faces the wall.

I used to think I was smart.

Then Apple taught me otherwise.

But, I digress.

I've mentioned Pinterest in the title of this post and Pinterest it shall be about.

Specifically the insane amount of pinning I've been doing of late. (On an iPad, not a broken computer. And if you wonder why I don't just write my posts from said iPad, I'd say that is an excellent suggestion, but iPad and Blogger aren't friends. Kind of like how iPad and Flash aren't friends, but not as intense.) Anyway, digressing again.

So the thing with Pinterest is that if you have a place that is in need of some work, say maybe like this, then Pinterest is an amazing place to gather ideas. Or, it is a place to overwhelm yourself with a vast array of often conflicting ideas. Oh, and it is a virtual place to spend lots and lots and lots of time that is not virtual. Nor is it replaceable. Pin with caution.

(From here)

I'm in the overwhelmed category right now. That's OK for now, since we've started our first major project on the house and it is the opposite of fun and inspired. We (and by "we" I mean our contractors) get to replace the siding on the west side of the house because we need to tear it all off to see how improperly and poorly the walls and doors were sealed underneath. I find this to be especially boring since its completion will result in the house looking exactly like it did before the project was started. Beau finds it to be un-boring because the house will be more structurally sound and efficient. Blah blah blah.

Because of the lame angle you can't see how much siding will be removed and replaced, but it is quite a bit. And someone will have to be four stories up replacing it. Here is where I am glad that "we" doesn't refer to us...

What I really want to be working on is bringing my "Cabin Ideas" to life.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The current entry way could turn into a mudroom with just a little bit of effort. I like this one. See the little drippy trough for the snow to melt off the skis and snowboards and not make the tile treacherous? So smart.

(From here)

And wouldn't this be a fun sign to have framed in that mud room?

(From here)

Or maybe I shouldn't tempt fate. Sooner than I know it Little Man will be on skis or a snowboard or a mountain bike or whatever being adventurous.

And I will have more gray hair than I'd like.

After the boring (or as Beau would call it "important") stuff is done, we'll start to think about the floors. I'm really hoping we can find reclaimed wood that doesn't cost a small fortune. I mean, it comes from old barns and such, how expensive can it be? Look at these floors.

OK, you're right. They look expensive.

(From here)

And, I've become obsessed with animal heads. Gross, right? But what says "mountain cabin" more than dead animal heads on the wall?

(From here)

I'm partial to the heads of the moose variety, and there happen to be moose heads that aren't even real. (Though if we were to get a real moose head it would be from a moose that has died of natural causes and had a final will and testament that requested that his head be taxidermied and mounted above a roaring fireplace in order for his majesty and wonder to be worshiped by humans. Obviously.) 

Here are some fakies that have caught my eye:

(This real looking fakie from etsy can be found here)

(Or this more-fake-looking-fakie from here)

(Or the ultimate fakie from here.)

"Fakie" is not a word. Just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, enough about moose heads. What about bathrooms? What if I wanted to change things up and move away from the whole mountain-cabin-kitch-I-have-to-have-skis-on-the-wall-and-everything-needs-to-be-hunter-green mentality and shake things up a bit?

(From here)

Geesh. There are so many ideas and options and possibilities. And we've got like ten years of renovations for me to obsess over them. Lucky me. I wonder how man pins I can cram into "Cabin Ideas" before Pinterest implodes.

What are you pinning these days? Have you joined the Pinterest bandwagon? If not, you totally should. 

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