Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lions Don't Roar, They Drool

In our 'hood, Halloween ain't no joke. (Nor is grammar, so I'll stop with that.) For the past four years our neighbors have hosted a block/neighborhood party in our front yard. It is expected that adults, especially parents, dress up as well as the abundant supply of neighborhood children.

I didn't know that and last year I rushed home from work, threw on sweats and tossed together something for the potluck. Boy did I feel silly showing up as (gasp) myself.

This year I knew that I'd need to dress up. (Beau, sadly, missed the festivities because of that pesky job.) I'm not sure I would have dressed up for Little Man's first Halloween had it not been for the party.

Because I've grown out of costumes.

I'm not very creative.

I'm not very outgoing.

But, none of that matters. We were going to the block party and I was not going to face ridicule, or be thought to be unfestive. Oh, no.

I'm so, so, so glad this party forced me to step out of my comfortable zone (and sweats) and dress up this year.

About a month ago Beau and I got Little Man a costume at Costco. You know, where everyone gets costumes. Oh, wait, is that just us?

Anyway, we got him this sweet fleece lion costume.

Even though I call him my monkey, this costume felt perfect for two reasons: 1)When Little Man was a newborn, Beau would growl into his neck, nuzzle him and tell him that if they were lions in the jungle he'd learn his dad's growl this way. (I have no idea if that's true or not, but it was easily one of the cutest things I've ever seen.) and 2) I call him my Little Man and often Mumford and Sons' song "Little Lion Man"  gets stuck in my head because of it. (No, it isn't the most child appropriate song, but its not like I sing it to him...)

I could have gotten creative and made something, but lets be real. We're talking about me. The Costco lion was perfect. (It is actually a Carter's brand costume if it looks familiar to those who frequent that retail establishment.)

I knew I wanted to do a family themed thing and since I'd decided on Little Man's costume, I had to figure out what we could be. My first thought was a lion, a witch, and a wardrobe, but as soon as we knew Beau wasn't going to make it that one was out the window. (I'm guessing people would just say, "oh, look, Amy's a witch and Carter is the cutest little lion ever." Instead of, "Hey, I get it. A lion and a witch. Narnia!") Instead, I decided I'd be a lion tamer.

I went to the local costume shop and got a felt top hat, white gloves, and bull whip. Then I went to the nearby consignment shop for a red blazer. (Which was marked down to $4 from $7 just seconds before I spotted it! Sweeeeet!) I put on black boots and black leggings, belted the blazer with a big belt I already owned, accessorized with my costume shop goodies and voila!

My guy looks a little scared. He's not. We drove over to see our dear friends Auntie Meagan and Uncle Andy and I had to wake Little Man up when we got there. In these two pictures he's just waking up.
Don't worry, he's quick to smile, though.

Thank goodness Andy and Meagan had the camera handy. These pictures make me so happy. I'm so glad we got some good ones that aren't just snapped from my phone. (I know that kind of comes off as another camera hint for Beau. It was totally unintentional. But if you're reading this, sweetie...)
Little Man got his first trick or treated candy at this stop. (Our only one for the night. And don't worry, I tested the candy. It was good. Sorry, Little Man. Maybe next year you'll get more than one piece. And have teeth. And be eating solid foods...)
He also got to learn a lesson from Uncle Andy.
I'm pretty sure they are having a conversation about the best way to get the most candy possible. That's what Uncle Andy's for. Halloween is, after all, his holiday. (He makes a pretty awesome Wolverine when he's got his hand-claw things on...)
The break in the nap made Little Man a little cranky, and we didn't get a picture with Auntie Meagan. She was a cowgirl with a sheriff's badge on her hat. Maybe Uncle Andy's actually telling Little Man that the lady is always the boss, badge or no. That's be a good lesson, uncle.
After our short visit we came back to our party and visited for a little while. Unfortunately when you are a baby on Halloween there's no staying up past bed time, so lion and lion tamer came inside to get ready for bed. Our final nursing session was set to the music of children running around the front yard (no longer a lake!) letting out sugar induced shrieks.
It was a good night for all of us.
Any other fierce animals in in the mix at your house? Cool themed families that I can steal ideas from for next year? Any moms bite the bullet and dress up too?

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  1. Love the smiling picture of the two of you! What a cute costume! We always get our costumes at Costco, like in August so they get plenty of use around the house! I was Hermione because I had to work, but I kept it on for trick or treating and it was fun. That lion is so darn cute!


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