Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm back...

May 3rd was my last blog update. What the what? Did you think something horrendous had happened to me? I'm not one to make excuses, but here goes...

See, what happened was...I got busy trying to get everything done so I'd be ready to have a baby. I had to finish up the class I teach at the community college, get my exams made and approved, have grade books updated, 1200 yearbooks to adoring and expectant high schoolers, clear out my classroom, finish a nursery, prep meals and freeze them, wash and organize newborn clothes and pack hospital bags. See, busy.

I was working like a crazy person. I got the college class finished and grades posted. I did the laundry and almost got the nursery finished. I even packed a bag! Then, three weeks early, my little guy decided to join us on the outside. My mega long to-do list got pushed to the side as he got pushed out. ( just typed itself...)

I've got tons of interesting things to write: books to review, products to discuss, sunshine to spew, etc. (Beau tells me that sometimes my posts are a little too cheesily sunshiny. At least he's reading!)

But first, enjoy gazing at my belly the day before I went into labor and, more importantly, the beautiful baby I get to spend the next eighteen years embarrassing. I'll tell you all about the amazing photographer who shot those two pictures in the next day or two (or certainly before a few months pass by!)

So, what have you kids been up to over the past few months? Anything as exciting as having a perfect baby? (Ten fingers! Ten toes!)

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