Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thoughts on being 35-- very, very deep thoughts

Last Thursday I turned 35. What? I don't look a day over 30? You're sweet. Thank you.

I've had a few days to let my new age grow on me and I have some thoughts on being 35.

1. Celebrating your 35th birthday at Great Wolf Lodge is a way to totally forget that you are anything but a kid at heart. I highly recommend celebrating anything there. Especially if it is on a weekday in mid-May. It was incredibly uncrowded.

2. The US Census Bureau considers 35 to be middle age. Most other sources feel it starts later. You're wrong, Census. Way wrong. Ain't nobody here but us spring chickens. (For some reason simply typing "spring chickens" made me feel at least 80.)

3. It is possible that your body will play funny tricks on you and have you wake up on your birthday with a very sore back. You will think this is the onset of old age. It is not. It is caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable (by your overly pampered standards) bed and carrying a 20+ pound baby around. A soak in the hot tub and a good night's sleep in your own bed will take care of that. If you're still feeling bad, see #1.

4. My 30s have been my favorite years. If the events in the past year or so--a sweet baby and marriage--are any indication, things will only get better. If that is even possible.

5. Cake. Every birthday deserves cake. This does not change when you are firmly ensconced in adulthood. If it does, immediately ditch whomever you celebrate your birthdays with and find people who worship at the altar of Cake. Your life will be tenfold better for it. Promise. (Disclaimer: The it in question is cake and not the ditching of people...)

6. The process of ageing is natural. You had no choice in when you were born. The choice you do have is how you are going to spend the days you are given. If you feel the need to wish away your days on being younger and hipper you will probably miss out on beautiful things, end up looking foolish and/or woefully regret not taking advantage of whatever age you are grumbling about. It is, therefore, pointless to lie to make yourself younger. Nothing will actually make you numerically younger, but your attitude will determine how old you feel.

Babies discovering your nose will make you feel young...

7. Lies about your age ARE OK if you tell students that you are 25 for 11 consecutive birthdays. The reactions are priceless. In doing this I have made some interesting sociological and anthropological observations. Among them are the following: 1) boys generally take you at your word, 2) girls will scrutinize you and/or do the math to figure out you are fibbing. Someone will call you out, and 3) no matter how young you say you are, someone (usually a boy) will always lie and tell you they thought you were younger--sometimes much younger. (There is no way I look 22, Charmer. I see you have a beautiful future as a politician. You have my vote.)

8. The advent of Facebook makes users feel uber popular on birthdays. (Wait, what? I have 64 pending messages? Look at all that love.)

9. I always thought being an adult would feel more um, adult like. Generally I feel like I'm a kid pretending to be an adult. Does that ever stop? I don't want it to.
I mean, I look like an adult, right?

10. Having a birthday does not make your library books un-due. They are still late and you still have a fine. Oops.

Do the 5's and the 0's seem to carry more weight for you, too? Why is that? What are your thoughts on your latest "milestone" birthday?

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  1. Ms Amy..you are a delightful, gifted writer and I will be disappointed if, someday, you don't put out a delightful, uplifting positive read of some sort..book??(I was going for the word 'novel', but that seems rather heavy and dark. Brings up a thought, is the word 'novel' obsolete? Perhaps to be replaced by a new word...Kindleread...maybe?) Seriously..I do hope your 'genes' somehow have made it through the gene pool to my granddaughters. I wish they could see their 'new' cousin Carter. That would be fun.

    But, getting back to this age thing..you do look 25! Seriously! I am so happy for you and your family and wish you all continued happiness. Oh to be 35 again... : ) Take care....Gail


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