Monday, December 31, 2012

Peace Out 2012, You Were Good to Us

What a year.

I'll try to be brief, but really, so, so, so much happened this year that it'll be tough.

1) Life changed drastically

The best things in the world happened. I married one of the loves of my life, and I met the other:

2) Travel was abundant

We went to the Dominican Republic for our babymoon.

I went to California to see my dearest friend Cyndi, her beautiful family, and some wonderful friends I don't get to see nearly enough.
We visited family in Massachusetts. (Twice!!)
Somehow though, I have no photographic evidence of our first trip when Little Man was just three weeks old. I was a sleep deprived new mom. We drove there. Crazy? Perhaps. Worth it so that Beau's entire family could meet the little guy? Absolutely!

This fall we visited the Outer Banks with my family.

Little Man and Grandma waited patiently at the bottom of the Currituck lighthouse as mom, dad and PopPop climbed to the top for some amazing views of the Sound.

 Not all of our travel was to a beach. While in Massachusetts the second time, we snuck away to check out the foliage in New Hampshire. It was stunning.

We also fell in love with the mountains of West Virginia. We traveled there three times. This view, as well as the kind people we've met keep drawing us back.
And, since Grandma and Pop Pop live near Williamsburg, we decided to get a little Colonial up in here.
 (Blurry, but you get it, right?)
3) Milestones came and went
It is hard to believe that Little Man turned seven months just two days ago. In those seven months we've watched him grow and change from a sleepy cuddle bug
 to an alert, smiling, chattering extrovert.

 On Thanksgiving he got to taste (and wear) solid food for the first time.
He looks good in sweet potato.
We use mooshy Cheerios to work on fine motor skills.
It's a work in progress.
At this point (seven months and two days), he's rolling, scootching and saying "momomommomoomoomm", "baaaa", and "daaaaa" lots. He loves to laugh and be social. And he loves bath time.

(And not just because of the stylish post-bath garb.)

4) Superstorm Sandy hit

Sandy could have been much worse to us. She was devastating to much of the country. We just got a little wet, but being our first big storm with a baby at home and living in a flood prone neighborhood, we were on high alert.

5) We love to learn

Little Man's mom is an English teacher, Grammy is a librarian, and all three aunts on dad's side were English majors, so the poor kid is going to be forced to read. He seems to love it so far.

Since he seems to have an early love for learning, when we were in New Hampshire we subliminally planted the seeds of an Ivy League dream into his little head. (Though Beau refused to let me buy the "Dartmouth Medical" romper. Spoilsport.)
As a true product of the 21st century, he seems to love technology. Especially to discuss stock trends with dad.
6) Sophie
When you've got a Great Dane in your life, you know life is good. Carter loves his Sophie.

Uncle Andy ain't so bad himself. Shoot, he's pretty cool. He's got an awesome wife, a cool boat, and a dog that can work as a horse in a bind. Carter thinks spending time here is the bee's knees, so we try to do it as often as they'll let us.

7) Love was everywhere

More than anything, 2012 showed us what pure, sweet love looks and feels like. Sometimes it is a reassuring hand on your shoulder when you need a pep talk.

Sometimes, a fierce (?) lion and tamer.
Or, friends and students going out of their way to throw a amazing showers to show how loved Little Man, Beau and I really are.
I know I've left out so, so much of this year. There are so many moments where we just lived and neglected the photographs. There's something to be said for that.
It doesn't make for good blogging, but it does make for a good life.
All in all, this year was by far the best year of my life. I'm not sure what 2013 has in store, but I imagine it'll be interesting. These guys have my back,
so I'm pretty confident that it'll be a good year.
Even if Beau and Little Man are stuck with a crazy person.
Are you guys sad to see 2012 go, or excited to usher in 2013? Or maybe a little of both?

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