Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Best Thing Ever

I'm sure you, my loyal readers, have noticed my long stretches of absence. Annoying, right? I'm truly sorry. I promise I have a really good excuse...

I'm going to be a mom!!!!!!

(Image from Pinterest)

The first trimester kind of kicked me in the pants. I'd never been so tired in all of my days! I've always been a fan of a nap here and there, but during those weeks I'd literally come home from work, sit on the couch for a few minutes to rest and wake up four hours later just in time to go to bed. It was like my body had been taken over. No, it wasn't like that, that's precisely what had happened.

I had a sneaking suspicion I was pregnant about a week before I was supposed to start my period. I didn't want to get too excited just to be let down, so I waited a few days before I took a pregnancy test. It was positive! I wanted to do back flips and tell the world, but beau was out of town and wouldn't be back for about two weeks. I didn't want to tell him over email, so I held that little secret in and waited for daddy to come home.

Beau's birthday is in October and he was gone for it. I decided I was going to break the news to him while he was opening his birthday presents. It seemed like a really great present at the time. I didn't consider the fact that he didn't have pregnancy on his mind constantly. As soon as we started trying I was always conscious of where I was in my cycle and any changes from the norm.

So, to break the news I found the cutest onesie on Amazon and without really reading the description I ordered it with the other birthday gift I was purchasing. (This is why the onesie is purple. It looked gray in the photo.)

I still hadn't received the packages from Amazon by the day beau got home. I was pretty hormonal and the foiled plans really upset me. I was near tears.

But wait, was that a package on the doorstep as we pulled up to the house? Indeed it was. But it was too big to be a onesie. It was just the other gift. (Mind you, this was a gift I knew he'd be super excited about, but it wasn't the one I was super excited about. And that's what mattered.)

As we walked in I handed him the box and said "Happy Birthday" in the most festive tone possible. It probably sounded like Eeyore wishing Pooh a happy birthday. As beau opened the box I saw a flash of purple, ripped the box out of his hands, ran into the other room and yelled back to him that I had to do something. He was not amused. He told me under no circumstances was I to wrap his gift. I ignored him, but compromised by grabbing the gift bag that was on top of the box of gift bags. It was a Santa bag. Instead of tissue paper I stuffed the bag with the bubble packing from the box and was back out in maybe a minute. (Clearly I ooze class.) At this point beau was pretty convinced that I had gone crazy while he was out.

Maybe I had. Just a little bit.

His you're-gonna-be-a-daddy gift was this.

Cute, huh?

His reaction was absolute, utter confusion. I could see the thoughts as they sped through his brain. What came out verbally was, "This will never fit me." He thought about it a bit more and then it all clicked. "Are you sure?"

I showed him a picture of the test. (Since it would have been gross to have saved it...) I was sure. Tat and the pretty constant nausea had me 100% convinced.

Beau's going to be a dad!

His next reaction about 20 minutes later was that we were going to have to come up with $500,000 in the next eight months since kids are expensive to raise. Clearly he'd regained all sense of rational thought...

By the way, if this kiddo is a boy he's going to rock the purple onesie like a champ!!

Here's a picture of the peanut at the 12 week appointment.

I think the little one looks like he/she is giving us a thumbs-up.

So, dear readers, any advice for a first time mom?


  1. YAYYYY Baby Robb :) xoxo <3 Jaimie

  2. I just can't wait to take "sam" fishing with Pops !

  3. I'm so excited for you Wellie :) I love you so much. You're going to be the best parents ever!

  4. I'm so excited for you!! I know you will be a wonderful mom! Let's see, advice, hmmm... Sleep now! The first year can be tough yet sounds like he or she wil have great support: mom and dad. so, my advice will prob be different since I'm a single mom for the past 12 years. But your life will change in an instant, for the better. Yes, kids are expensive, but they are so worth it. So very happy for you both! Let me know if I can do anything. Jg

  5. Yaayyy Baby Beau!!!! :) xoxo <3 Jaimie


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