Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tile Makes Me Smile

It has been a very long time since I've written about the kitchen. Ok, so it has been a long time since I've written anything. Sorry about that. It is much easier to keep this little blog updated when I have all the free time in the world. I'm in the process of convincing beau that I need to quit my job and blog full time. Unfortunately for you, my five readers, beau is not entirely swayed. I'll keep working on it, you keep reading.

Back to the kitchen...

I got home from work the other day and saw this when I approached the kitchen:

What a mess. I wasn't quite sure why my kitchen exploded. Then I noticed that behind that mess was a glorious strip of tile. See it?

I turned to my left and...

Taaa-Daah! Beau had been busy. He was still hard at work, too.

(Isn't he the cutest?)

So, the next night when I got home from work we had a very romantic night of grouting. You know what they say about the couple that grouts together, right? Yep, they go for celebratory sushi after...

After a few days of wiping down tile to get the grout residue off and putting stuff back where it belongs, we have a kitchen that is one giant leap closer to being donezo.

The bullet list of things to do is getting much much shorter.

  • Caulk window and door trim
  • Caulk baseboards
  • Caulk around new tile
  • Extend outlets and replace faceplates
  • Paint accent wall
  • Touch-up paint on other walls
  • Paint trim and baseboards
Had I not been a complete lump this long weekend the kitchen could have been done. But what fun is that? We'd just have to start the next project...

There has been some discussion about putting a bathroom in upstairs. Be still my heart.

Who out there thinks I should be a full time blogger? (Don't be is the time to comment!) 

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  1. NO!!!! Full-time blogging would mean no-time teaching. That might make me cry.


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